Portuguese for business and day by day


Objective: To provide customised lessons in order to maximize and accelerate the learning process, improving the skills and proficiency of our students in the selected language.

Consulting, financial market, politics/economics, sustainable energy, health, manufacturing, operations and business in general.


Target Industries


We adapt the content to each student and ask students to be open about their particular interests so as to tailor our program to their needs.


To prepare students to conduct businesses in an ample range of situations, we use subjects from a diverse industry set , including but not limited to, energy, health, manufacturing, oil and gas, among others, cross referencing functional dimensions, such as operations, business ethics, politics and economics. We also mix in non-business content related to the Brazilian culture to make sure the student’s skills are well-rounded.

To bring agility and accelerate our students learning curve we make sure that each lesson is highly dynamic and covers several formats around a unified content theme including:

  • Watching a video and reading a written text to capture knowledge

  • Debating with the professor (similar to a debate with a client)

  • Writing a summary (similar to prepare a document to a client )

  • Presenting the conclusions (similar to present it to a client)

Lessons' format

Your Shape

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