About us

YOU SHAPE teaches lessons according to your needs or to the needs of your company, although we use the conventional methods, we have also developed specific methods to accelarate your learning curve. We provide dynamic lessons engaging current contents.



How we work?

 Your Shape offers individual or group lessons, lasting at least one hour each, with comfort and practicality to learn Portuguese in the workplace or specific locations with days and timetable determined by you.

You are going to acquire knowledge in an easy way, without wasting displacement-time or facing crowded classrooms.


Why Your Shape?

Your Shape, as its name means, aims to be your personal trainer in the desired language. It is through the specific interests of students that Your Shape will bild a specific learning program that is going to make you a perfect speaker at the Portuguese language.

Our method consists of a mix of different approaches (debates, vídeos, writing...) with current themes and discussions tailored for your goals.

The key of our success is to focus on dynamic and easygoing lessons with an objective content taught by highly qualified professionals.

Your Shape

Portuguese and English for all



The current learning process